Professional Dental Cleaning

Coming in for regular cleanings and exam based on your individual needs ensures that you stay on top of your dental health. In addition to cleaning your teeth and gums, our hygienist will review your medical history, perform and oral cancer screening, gum tissue probing, look for signs of gum/periodontal disease, remove plaque and calculus build up, polish your teeth, and do a thorough examination of your dental health.
Your hygienist will use state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners to remove plaque and hardened tartar called calculus from the surface of your teeth. Removing calculus on your own is virtually impossible on your own, so it’s important that your hygienist cleans your teeth regularly. When tartar/calculus build up is not removed it begins to irritate your gums and bone, causing inflammation. If the inflammation in your gums is persistent, your bone will begin recede away from the area leaving your teeth increasingly less stable. This inflammation called periodontal disease, will cause significant bone loss and tooth loss. Advanced periodontitis can even let bacteria into the bloodstream and cause disease in your heart and other tissues. After all of the plaque is removed , your hygienist will polish your teeth to remove surface stains so they look whiter and brighter.

  • Reasons for a professional dental cleaning
  • Remove plaque, tartar, and calculus
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Minimize gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Whiten and enhance your smile
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Help you keep your teeth.

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